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Being manufacturer, we understand vast customer needs from a manufacturer’s perspective and respond accurately. Our initiatives and efforts to green chemistry are appreciated and places us as a sustainable partner in the industry.

Competency accumulated from years of manufacturing experience, we have developed, processed and commercialized innumerable products based on an extensive range of chemistry. In this process, we have harnessed tremendous experience and a deep knowledge bank. We are a company with an improved focus on specialty chemicals those are distinct from our competitors.

Our modern state-of-art plants are capable of performing number of reactions.

BU – Intermediates
Sulfonation 2000 Mt
Ammonolysis 1800 Mt
Diazo Tization 1200 Mt
Hydrolysis 1200 Mt
Coupling 1200 Mt
Reduction 800 Mt
Condensation 700 Mt
Nitration 300 Mt
Dry Sulfonation 300 Mt
Dry Acetylation 300 Mt
Cyclisation 250 Mt
Benzoylation 100 Mt
BU – Dyes
5 Production Lines 1800 Mt

Unit 1
At Vatva Industrial Estate,

Unit 2
At Sachin Industrial Estate,

Unit 3
At Vatva Industrial Estate,

Unit 4
Naroda Industrial Estate,

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